Birth - Marriages - Death

In Scotland the records started around 1600. But the spelling had not settled down in todays spelling so ALWAYS check ALL variations.

For the Scottish records up to 1740 you will find all spellings contain within. From then on there were too many to keep together so they have been put in to three groups REDPATH, then RIDPATH & final the other spellings. When you have found a link email me the details and I'll send back the full record and details of how to order the original certificate. Parents names are not shown after 1855 and only the year, not date.

You will find in each group that the Death (Scots from 1855, English from 1837) dates go past those here, in one case up to 1953. So just to show you what I mean, I've just found my 7xGt Grandparent's marriage date in these pages. They are down as James REIDPATH m. 1st Aug 1722 Sarah TORY (Torrey is another spelling). So look in ALL!

Remember that if someone said they came from Berwick this could be either the town of Berwick-upon-Tweed or the county of Berwickshire. A difficult case to pin down in either case. Also, the town keep swapping between Scotland and England until the mid 16th century when it stop in the English county of Northumberland.

Never relay on the I.G.I records only the original records.

The English & Walish button will now take you to the Parish Records of Northumberland which are before 1837.

However, have fun and see if you can link to my tree, if you can let me know and I'll put a link on.